Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo (Italy)

Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo (Italy)
Franca Colozzo is an Italian Architect, writer, freelancer, blogger of UN SDGs goals on Sustainability, poet, former Italian teacher of “Design and Art History” in Italy and Istanbul (Turkey) on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Italian Affairs (M.A.E.).
Global Goodwill Ambassador from USA (GGAF Director ~ ITALY, she is Peace Ambassador on behalf of different NGOs from India, Pakistan, and the UK. Recentely, she was nominated “Academic Coordinator” in the Board of the International Association: RRM3 – RINASCIMENTO RENAISSANCE – MILLENIUM III, whose founder and President is Prof. George Onsy from Egypt. Passionate about social justice, attentive to the rights of the weaker social classes and the importance of education for women and children, she currently deals with novels, poems, essays, articles in various newspapers and blogs, such as http://www.academia.edu
In terms of participation in literary competitions and publication on poetry sites, the undersigned reports:
• Winner in 1977 of a scholarship awarded by the C.C.I.A.A. from Latina for a thesis on urban planning problems in the southern Pontine hinterland “The problem of the historic center of Gaeta in the southern Pontine area”;
• Author of the book of Art “The bell tower of the Cathedral of Gaeta”, published by the “Cntro Storico Culturale – Gaeta” Association;
•She has participated in the preparation of important exhibitions under the aegis of the Superintendence of Galleries and Works of Art of Rome and Lazio and contributed to the drafting of various catalogs;
• She published (Istanbul, 1999) the bilingual catalog: “Resimdeki Didaktik Sureç”, or “The Didactic Path in
Drawing” on the drawings of IMI students (Istanbul – Turkey) and contributed with illustrations to the drafting of a “Trilingual Vocabulary” ( Italian, English and Turkish) – 1999;
• During the seven-year period 1996 – 2002, at the Italian Scientific High School in Istanbul, she organized various art exhibitions both at the IMI, the Liceo delle Suore di Ivrea and the Italian Cultural Institute, and at some of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul. (Robert College, Galata Saray Lisesi, YildizUniversitesi, seat of the Order of Turkish Architects, etc.);
• She published, in 2006, the booklet of poems “Fragments”;
• Winner of a lot of prizes you can find in a list on her personal BIO on http://www.larecherche.it
• Inclusion in the 2016 Proustian Anthology “Trains”, published by “La Recherche” with two poems: “La Littorina” and “Abstract vertex of boredom” and the story: “Italian Diaspora”;
• Inclusion in the Anthology “Proust n. 7 – The perfume of time”, July 2017, with two poems: “The garden of memories” and “Mays – May”.
• Proustian Anthology “Cherchez La Femme-Proust en Italie” with the poem “Torcello”; publications of some poems on refugees in online magazines: el-ghibli.org/mare-nostrum;
• Anthology # 2021 #Sette Pictures “The Prisoner” #La Recherche on the pandemic, with the poem: “Squared corners”.
• Serbian Anthology of International Poets, thanks to the Serbian poetess Marija Najthefer Popov.
• In February 2022, Anthology “Tunisian – Asian Poetry” & Chinese. Winner of poetry prizes and certificates for her participation in web events; etc.
• Certifications, poetry awards and certificates (over 50).
Thinking of my father…
I think of you, father, I no longer see light …
Beyond the hedge leading to the field,
it rises a low voice like a cry
in the down sad shadows, I see.
Desolate was that day so far away!
You suffered due to confinement
for faults not yours, but repulsion
for an unjust and cruel war.
Not war, but smiles from life
you wished at that age
dreaming of Springtime,
copious of crops and blooms.
Men, women, old and infants …
Only a number of poor puppets,
banned by human ignominy,
in procession as passed away.
To be Nazi sounds strange today …
And yet the shame again returns
when even a piece of bread is denied
to migrants rejected on the other side.
Mare nostrum
A deep sigh from the sea rises:
no wind or waves…
It is the breath of many migrants,
one on the other crowded,
by their destiny rejected.
Under the firmament a child cries
What is the cause of human misery?
The odor of steam exhales
the air all around.
Against the death in vain
a woman fights, tired of suffering.
The sea is waiting for her
in the final embrace,
unnamed sepulcher.
The anonymous creature
nothing else yearns for,
not even the burial ground.
A dive and away
between the indifference of those
are stuck to life, like a leaf
to its weak branch.
The boat in the darkness sails
towards a faraway light,
looking for a safe harbor.
Oscillating, it arrives on the shore,
waiting for a friendly hand,
a cloak, a shelter
and not a wall.
A deep sigh from the sea rises…
A father with his frail weight
a blue girl in his arms holds,
blue as the Syrian sky
from which a bomb on innocents
Sarin gas has sown.
How much pain in that gesture
and how much love!
A father, an alone father,
desperate and tired,
breathes on his creature:
he hopes to bring her back to life.
He asks forgiveness from God
along the shortest way:
to the hospital, he goes
in the midst of the rubble.
Weak arms,
swinging to frost,
closed her sleepy eyes,
a doll to the hostile sky
the father gives as a gift.
Perhaps an offer,
perhaps a prayer,
who knows what brings
the man on those ruins!
Poor man, with a strength
big like his pain,
with his blue girl
amid his naked arms
the death fights in vain.

One thought on “ Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo (Italy)

  1. Thank you so much for considering me worthy so as to be included among the authors in such an important Anthology, “ATUNIS POETRY”.
    I thank, particularly, Mr. Agron Shele, for his time and patience in inserting my short BIO and three of my poems.

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