Life is… a loving hand / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
Life is… a loving hand
The desert is a heaven of lights
Motionless waves of shiny silver
Like dreams,swolling days & nights
A holy eternity, a still endless forever…
How scary is this noiseless world..
No musical echo,no murmurs, no life..
A vastness, where alone you behold
A look on your memories, joy &strife..
And you miss all,the world’s noise
The streets crowd, the music absurd
The smell of the sea
,the mountains call
The greenery of forests..the singing birds…
I miss the passion of my beating heart
The strong emotions of life’s moments
Of different reactions for beauty and art..
And even for longing to beginning and ends..
Life is an opening rose
A breath..a sound.. a howling noise
A smell of a nearby kitchen, tempting &
A cry of a child..a loving hand….
By Hana.shishiny
February 2022
(C ) all rights reserved

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