LOVE COMES FROM THE HEART / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
I’m sad…
It is not the first time
I start a poem like this.
The sadness
has been an integral part of my life,
although most of the time
I keep her chained inside me,
so she can let the joy shine.
I get along better with joy,
Marries me better and makes me feel good.
I learned to make joy out of sadness
just like the still
makes brandy from bagasse.
When sadness kicks a lot,
I have no way to tame it
and let her out to get some air.
It happens in those moments
that I feel alone,
whether at parties or funerals…
I always felt alone
amid so many people.
It’s in those moments
I need a helping hand
to hold my arm,
to look at me with a tender look,
to say to me a sweet word,
to give me a warm smile,
to make me feel a cosy presence,
but not,
no one approaches me to comfort me,
it’s like I’m invisible
but I’m not invisible.
Most people
can’t see an inch in front of the nose,
are too busy with appearances,
looking for the best angle
to make their trinkets shine!
The world is populated
by good people and bad people.
If there were only good people
there would be no crimes or war,
however, I prefer to think
that in my time of need,
people are in bad person mode.
I hope to find more people
in good person mode.
I can’t understand the reason for the evil.
What do they profit from harming others?
Only enable
to registration in the law of return
– whatever you do you will pay –
If you do well you will receive well,
if you do wrong, you will receive wrong…
I’m lucky
to have some good brothers of heart,
that I thank God.
Some of them are long-standing,
others are more recent,
but they all occupy the same place.
Here there are no diuturnities,
they are all brothers
and they all receive the same – love.
There are blood brothers
who are skinned alive by a straw,
there is no reciprocity of love,
there is greed, envy and revenge.
Love doesn’t come from blood,
love comes from the heart!
©Maria Dulce Reis

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