The Door of Death / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Door of Death
The most mysterious of all doors
The door of Death.
One never knows which one opens to the other side
Is it the teak one with maple leaves carved in a sprawling vine
Or the rickety old board with rusty hinges hanging loose
It might be the bamboo woven screen
Dancing and lurching in the storm
The paint peeling black iron door
Sturdy enough to keep out thieves
Ah ! It could be this inviting red dragon one
Opened ajar by nubile nymphets
The door of death gives away no clues
It gobbles you in with its crocodile jaws
And whisks you away to the nether world
Silently on well cushioned shoes
Copyright Lily Swarn 18.2.2020

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