Poem by Eva Petropoulou Petropoulou

Poem by Eva Petropoulou Petropoulou
We have nothing to care
We have nothing to love
We have nothing to observe
We have nothing to understand
We have nothing to believe
We have nothing to create
We are inspired by previous souls
We make friends ,the others friends and we keep them according our interest
We become jealous,
And so small
We are waiting for a certificate to say our verses
Are we artists???
I hear the bad comments
I read the critics
When the poet forget his soul???
We are taking to a screen
We are eating with a screen
A war is happening with buttons
We are sleeping with devices
We are not same
We are different
Who are you??
Who are me??
The machine become humans
Humans become a machine
This world needs to open his eyes and see the truth!!!!
Believe in Fairy tales
That the only truth i accept
©Eva Petropoulou Petropoulou

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