Rupsingh Bhandari (Nepal)

Rupsingh Bhandari (Nepal)
Rupsingh Bhandari is a poet and social activist from Karnali province of Nepal. He is director of IAYSP South-Asia (Social Organization). He has completed his M.Ed, M.A and M.Phil. degree in English from Tribhuvan University. He is a writer, who writes in English, Nepali and Hindi. Published several poems, articles, short stories and translated poems and stories. He is the author of Conscience’s Quantum poetry book. He served as editors of International Anthology of Pandemic Poetry 2020. His creations are world widely anthologized and published. He is a founder of Words Highway International (Writers Association). He does painting and music, loves to travel.
Let us Request Dnieper
The river Dnieper
Which slithers out from Valdai Russia to Ukraine
Is sleepless without knowing any reasons
As the old grandma,
Dnieper never confuse by the conspiracy of the world
Now swelling with many unanswered questions
Without any words…
The birds of Eurasia:
• Waterfowl –
• Waders –
• Skuas
• Auks
• Gulls
• Passerines
Never change their song wherever they fly across those land
Are mourn— voiceless,
They never mimic other’s lyrics
Now, are frightened with strange smell of gunpowder— the evil song
Watching the bombs with fire-tails flying over the sky
Trembling on the potholes of uncertainty
Chewing their innocence… clueless
The fearless wild animals:
Eurasian elk, Marten, Mouflon, Roe deer, Wildcat, Wild pig, and Wolf are
Puzzled by the tanks which are throwing up the deaths
Walking as the snake’s lateral undulation…
Throbbing between the hollowness of wilderness
And the firecrackers over the sky… hunching their heads—hopelessly
Now, let us stop our never ending arguments
Let them ask:
The solutions of the war,
Let them hum their common song
Let us ask them to pair off for group performance
Now, let us stop languages of war
And listen to their unchanged song, their unspoiled dance
Let us request the Dnieper to dissolve
Their misunderstanding and egos
Into the Black Sea,

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