PAIN / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
From pain into a poem
From a poem into pain
If you become a poet
You will follow that path
Because it is the borderline of life
If you manage to control that borderline
You will remain a poet
Poet guardian of all difficulties
Poet guardian of all pain and indiscretion
If you succeed in locking pain in a poem
You will know how to control life
With letters and words only
You will be able to fight with yourself
In the great arena full of pain
You will be able to tame wild ideas
And survive in this madness
Where self-control lost all meaning
If you remain a poet
You will go from pain into a poem
From poem into pain every day
You will not spend money on unimportant things
You will not make money
You will be free from financial problems
But burdened with needlessness
Of your existence and your poems
That will be your biggest pain
Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “Bed from the Stone”, Published December 2021. Available on Amazon

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