From kamilka to Dad / Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
From kamilka to Dad
Dad said;” we have to go
we have to follow the flow
The sooner the better “
I asked dad if I could
Take my pet,
And tuck it in my heart
Dad, said No !!!!!
Hurry up let’s go
The road is muddy and wet ;
we have to escape guns
shells, bombs, and raids.
Dad said we have to hurry
In a rage in a furry
Take your teddy bear,
Ah Dad, how could I settle in my heart
that whimpering fear,?
Who shall hug my teddy bear
who shall handle my pet with care
once the curtains in my room
went into oblivion
And soak in despair?
I need my pet and I need my teddy bear……………….
Dad said;
you could not take your pet
take your teddy bear instead
Dad, how can I ease in my pet’s eye
that pitiful stare?
Dad, I love both my pet and my teddy bear.
Listen, Dad
what to what my pet said;
” How could you leave me in the wet?
Dad, please daddy
Such entreaties ripped my heart
How shall I leave my cat how shall leave my pet?
kamilka, dear , one day
when the smile goes back to the sky
And the fiend in people withers away
One day you shall understand
That we are puppets
And war is nothing but a dirty play
@ sihem cherif 
Kamilka a child from Ukrainia was obliged to flee, leaving her pets behind 03 03 2022 ( picture credited to me I have no permission to put the picture of the Ukrainian child , I put the picture of another pet )

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