Pretending (מזייפת) – Poem by Yael Ran (יעל רן ) / Translated into English by Daniel Revach


Yael Ran

Poem by Yael Ran


Here they come,
and I squeeze into the corset of lies –
wrap feelings in cellophane,
fake a weak smile
and get rid of evidence
so they won’t suspect
something’s wrong.
And only when
they’re out of sight,
only then.​​


עַכְשָׁיו הֵם בָּאִים
וַאֲנִי נִכְנֶסֶת לִמְחוֹךְ הַשְּׁקָרִים
עוֹטֶפֶת בְּצֶלוֹפָן רְגָשׁוֹת
מְזַיֶּפֶת חִיּוּךְ רָפֶה
וּמוֹחֶקֶת עֵדֻיּוֹת
שֶׁלֹּא יַחְשְּׁבוּ
שֶׁמּשֶּׁהוּ לֹא בְּסֵדֶר
וְרַק בַּחֶדֶר

יעל רן 

Translated into English by Daniel Revach

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