Shokhida Yusupova (Uzbekistan)



Shokhida Yusupova (Uzbekistan)

Shokhida Yusupova is one of young poetesses and journalists from Uzbekistan. She is an Ambassador of Turk Yayinevi publishing group of Turkey, in Uzbekistan.
She has been rewarded with the State Prize of “Zulfiya”, Additionally, she is proudly rewarded with the first place in both as “Best Young Scientist 2021”, and “The best student of the year” among all Commonwealth of Independent Countries.
She studies International journalism and public relations at the University of Journalism and Mass Communication Uzbekistan.
Shokhida accomplished “Sahitya Shree” literary award organized by India Intercontinental Association in 2018, “Taghreed Fayyad” literary award organized by Lebanese Cultural Forum, as well as “Cesaret ve teşvik ödülü “ organized by Turk Yayinevi. Nowadays, she is working as an ambassador, and on her spare times she translates books to help other poets to publish their work overseas.She studied Business and Marketing at the Berlin Business Institute, Germany. She is currently studying Leadership and Management at Harvard University course.
Shokhida Yusupova is a young ambassador of more than 20 international organizations and the winner of about 40 international competitions.

My happiness!

Should I hide you in the pupil of my eyes?
Or should I hide you between my lashes?
Should I hide you in the line of my rosary,
If I hide you …Won’t you reveal my secrets?
As my tear!

All around me is a garden of love,
I am free of my pains.
All has gone,
My only one,
If I turn into grass,
Won’t you shine on my head?
Being the sun!

I am dreamed!
My dreams are high,
As you are mine,my soul as an endless sky,
Your name is a prelude to my destiny!
Won’t be hurry to worship,
If I am Azan!
Won’t rise above the layers of the heavens?
As the Ascension day, as a sun!

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