Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra



Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra


Lives entombed
in the field of death
in furnance of grave .

Who knows ,
How many heads have fallen in previous nights
How rivers are filled with blood in fierce fights
The land and the sea devouring human lives .

Lives flushed with youth
glowing with hope turn to ashes.
A jetliner full of civilians
turns to a guided missile .
Neclear , chemical , biological
weapons are product of science.
The fanatic and misguided sections
are with dark side
annihilating precious and innocent lives .

We have seen,
Gas chambers built by engineers
Infants poisoned by doctors
Life was a toy in hands of educated maniacs .

We hear in silence
Prayers of prostated lives
Our planet wishes to nurture life .
Nations can follow multiple strategies
Why can’t we have a common goal !
A goal to unite hearts as love is above all .

Love – never a faded fragrance

Where is the love , O dear Valentine !
Is it burried under the deep silence of night ?
Or in a disturbed ravine !!!

Can’t hear the chirping of birds in my neighborhood.
The petals flutter with faded fragrance
As if the breeze has stopped playing its cards
In mere annoyance
Love fails to incubate in the hearts
When in the swift flowing streams the waves are even silent.

Oh ! I am passing through the ruins of time
Life felt restless in the moist morning wind
Enmity sings with a broken string
And hatred has occupied each and every mind .

There is revolt against love
All around the sphere
None can guess where disappeared
The charm and the simplicity of intense pleasure.
Imposible to calibrate
Where leads the destination of hearts ?
Shall we search love
In the company of stars and starlets?

Please speak out
Oh , my dear Valentine ! please do speak out
I am yet to realise that love is infinite And is the glimpse of eternal light.

The wings of love
are tired in our sky of illusion
in a painful atmosphere of a rare crucifixion.

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar (Odisha)

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