Poems by Shahid Abbas ( Pakistan)



Shahid Abbas ( Pakistan)

Shahid Abbas is writer and poet from Tandlianwala (Karbala) Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the Author of” Words From Nature and” We Speak In Syllables”.

Precious Gift

On my birthday today
She gifted me her faithfulness
And made me the king
With such a beautiful ring
We used to stay away
On a different way
She met me
On the map of universe
And called me
Oh dear
I have something to say
I love you
There is no gift precious than this
Giving me happiness and bliss
She is the Royal Stone in my heart
We have a promise not to part..

Let The

Let the darkness go into the shadowy room of the dastardly ego
Allow the fevered mind a new kind of understanding of a novel meaning of humanity

Let the rain pour down upon our contenence
Our senses recognize its purifying power to wash away brooding thoughts
Behold those naive faces playing with toys
strewn upon orphan soil
See even fools have similar goals

We mix dust and tears
Add our essences
The so called beauty of ages of refinement
We aspire to rise from the mire to welcome a new clearer perception of dawn

©® Shahid Abbas

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