I JUST DON’T CARE FOR ANYTHING / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo  

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
However, I just don’t care for all this
I’ve had enough of these
and those fractures
and glasses of pain
and all schools
one should know how to play
and how to take a break
however, I do not care for all this
that cardinal points are old
and at the same place since time immemorial
and that they are pure geography
and so they do not know my brother
what bureaucracy means
and democracy
of distorted faces in mirrors
of human negligence
however, is not mine
and neither is yours
to marry dad’s girls to kings
in other regions
because we are not in politics
we don’t tailor wars for a custom fit
and we don’t make peace after that
for the sake of the Nobel Prize
we don’t even know that we are drawn into it
even without our will
we had to be there by royal command
and you don’t deny the imperial orders
and even if they could do against our will
who asks you about anything
you are already a statistical number
my people
however, I don’t care for all this
whether Hungary will have a sea
and whether carob trees bear fruit
at the horn of Africa
mine is already two by one
somewhere out there or here
at sunset or the break of dawn
as it is appropriate for a poet without a homeland
I don’t even know this
because that as well my brother
depends on how they cut it for you
so know therefore
from Here to Eternity
it is only a step or two
a blind alley in between
from which they would not let you go further
however, I don’t care for all this
whether highways will break
from Europe to America
from Africa to Australia
and whether icebergs will melt
on the banks of Newfoundland
or if they will reach the South Pole
I have nothing to do with that
although all of it is mine
but who asked you anything
do not forget
yours is just what they cut out for you
if even that is yours
Ibrahim Honjo, From my Book “Bed from the stone” published end of December 2021
The book is available on Amazon as E-book and paper book

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