Poems by Shraddha S. Sahu



Poems by Shraddha S. Sahu

You are here !!

These rustling leaves
Convey a message
Of your presence
You are here!!
The incense of breeze
Caressing my cheeks
As Soothing as your touch
You are here!!
The shower of sunshine
Falling on the dew
I can feel your embrace
You are here!!
These clouds scattered
On the bosom of sky
Petals of flowers
Lying on the earth
Lovely linnet sings
An amorous song…
I hear under the purple sky
You are here!!
A voice echoes in the fading valleys
My loneliness is not lasting forever
I can see millions stars
And dance of fireflies
Yes you are here !!
When night envelops
And the day winds up
When tired limbs
I blush with a divine glow
As white lilies blossom
In the calm water…
Your thoughts
Kindle a spark
In the drowsy life
I weave dreams of
Our divine union
These eyes of mine
Just look into them
They have nothing
But you amidst
The cosmos
Yes you only you
Are here !!


You have leisure
You can write
You can read
You can do what
You think right
I ought to curtail
the granted freedom
To please everyone
Sacrificing myself
At every step
I smile
Still smile
Smile yields nothing
A storm of blames
And names…
I am prefixed
Since tied in the knot
I was asked to tolerate
Whatever happens
“Zip your lip for the respect
Respectable women
Don’t argue…
Respectable women
Don’t speak loud
I was taught
Since I came…
Marriages secure future
I had heard…
Rarely gifted I was”
I was taught
Only to offer
My blood
My body
My heart
My wish
My money
My toil
My dreams
None hears the song
The soul sings in isolation
Life is a blazing hearth
Nothing else…
New woman stares at me
From the web page…
Nora asks me to cross
The boundary…
I am not so courageous
Ties are suffocating
Still These are garland
Offered to me by society
Blessed I am
I am reminded
Every time I put my step
To cross the threshold
“You are a lucky woman
Blessed by Divinity”

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