When Love Is True / A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

When Love Is True

The Universe conspired, sweet love came to us one fine day,
Caught up on our own, while the world was enveloped in darkness
You showed me the Light, when everything else was turning gray,
Brought sunshine to a weary heart, you knocked at my heart when I was defenseless.

A beauty to behold, your mesmerizing eyes take me to irresistible euphoria,
Longing to be under your wings, with strong arms to protect me from the storm
Beloved, the world is at our feet, our hearts with insignia,
Our soul broke free, chose not to conform.

My mind drifts to where you are, my day was amazing dear,
Revelries of sweet moments, you came to me from the darkness
A vow I make, I hold your hand and promise to care,
Lifting up my spirits, your face was shining like your eyes.

These deep feelings must be uttered, oh, dear let me write some words during the day,
A promise to keep, don’t you worry, you are in my heart
Writing our love story, the page was blank but I have many words to say,
Beloved, I chose you, close your eyes, we will never part.

I believe you, oh Queen of faithfulness,
The search is over, you are the girl I’m looking for
Take my hand under the moon, embrace me tightly as you caress,
Dance with me, you are the one I truly adore.

No other love can replace, you came out of the blue,
In this midsummer dream, let our body and soul intertwine
Beloved, I will always love you,
A promise to be kept, oh, love of mine.



Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo / Author Shahid Abbas
Copyright @ March 25, 2022

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