FINDING YOUR PURPOSE / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton
Be the change you want and wish to become,
Evolve into something special, being a blessing to someone.
Provide helpful advice for those that may be lost,
Reaching out with encouragement is so valuable without a cost,
Overcoming division with enlightened spiritual vibrations,
Unifying something from within, coming from self relations,
Defining your means for meaningful creations.
Overwhelming situations may arise, causing strife,
For these are test of your strength and Faith in this journey called Life.
Yearn for knowledge, for these are the keys to unlock life’s mysteries,
Offering solutions to the confusion and unblocking glorious victories,
Using elements of thought, birthing seeds planted to grow,
Revealing something miraculous, for the whole world to show,
Seeing something that can instill hope is such an endearing treasure,
Evolving into a life of character that can touch so many worthwhile in measure,
Lifting the spirit, having a feeling of self worth,
Finding your purpose in your walk, that has been engraved from your very birth.
Written by Timothy Payton

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