Where love remains … / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
Where love remains …
Stumbling between my memory’ s leaves..
A wordless river flows on my side..
A faded moon ,watching the reeves
Where my soleness shade, tried to hide..
Hazardous thoughts leads my way
A soft piano tune ,vibrates in heart
A question i asked
For me you play.?
No..for moments to capture..to engrave with art..
More than a year now,moments &days
The river keeps flowing,sent us apart..
Wounds, painfully licked,but stay
A faint desir,to old days,to restart..
That river in my heart,that keeps flowing
Wordless, silent,with songs & pain
With joy, with fear,with heart beating …
It is between the waves,where love remains
31 Marsh 2022
(C )All rights reserved

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