METAMORPHOSES of the WORLD / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha
The February wind
will touch my cheek,
prick with
invisible ice floes
of metamorphosis…
And the heart and eyes
will be scorched
by an icy flame.
In the fire of upheavals,
the soul froze,
covered with ice glass.
It seems that
the sun lives
on a snowy peak
and its rays are
sharp fragments
of a broken lens,
blinding the eyes
and piercing the heart…
Time slips
through the fingers
of the universe
onto a tormented earth,
watching us race
through the maze.
We are in such
a hurry to reach
our global goal.
And each of us
has our own –
some run to survive ….
others run
to take the live of those.
And we’ll all reach
the different end
in the allotted time…
Someone will put on
white clothes and a crown,
someone will put on
flames and ashes…
©Natalia Govsha

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