WAR IN PARANTHESIS / Poem by Jagdish Prakash  

Poem by Jagdish Prakash
Life is not toast and cheese
It’s neither a hot wind or breeze
Love and peace they preach
With a frown and crease
On their foreheads with ease
War is the pastime of those
who advocate brotherhood
Tell Putin what he understood of this word
Tell him that life is not Babushka dolls
Ask him why he smiled
When he bombed Ukraine relentlessly for miles and miles
Love is a four letter word
Which simple hearts understand
And by song and poetry they sail and trend.
What do we, the simple, hearts do
What solace they drew
Deriving their happiness from a Netflix show
Relaxing in couches they giggle and glow.
War in Ukraine is a TV news
Impacting minds till the coffee brews.

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