Life is a Canvas / A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Life is a Canvas
Life is one big stage,
Shakespeare once said
With us being the actors
In an endless drama.
Life is a dream,
We are here as an audience
But can’t completely see
So it seems.
Different hues can be traced
Sketches of green pastures
Crossing lines that meet halfway,
Asking what is the color of your life?
Life is full of hope,
Which can all die
Humans run after wealth
And waste his health,
But on his last breath, he sighs.
Paint your canvas with dreamy colors,
Let them shine on your head like auras
Create wonderful moments
Captured in photos and ebbed in your heart and soul
As you witness the dawning of a new day,
Forget the past, move on and win!
It’s the bitter reality
And we are to understand
To live like a guest
Do our very best.
Life is a canvas
What you create on your mind
Manifests sooner or later,
Choose to attract goodness
Instead of selfishness and hate.
Of course we must
Set up our goals
I’m to say,
Be brave and remain positive
Don’t waste time on fools.
Fragments of sweet memories,
Romantic revelries, paintings of fields of gold,
Life is a masterpiece of the Creator
Live life to the fullest according to His will.
Life is a journey
Of elaborate thoughts,
A boat of hope
A beauty of souls
An image of memories.
Life is what we make it,
Discover your rainbow, find it
Let us meet in the afterglow,
See the sky as one great Masterpiece.
Let’s do good for all creatures
We are humans borrowing the Earth
Live life for the love
Which exists in our nature.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo / Shahid Abbas
April 6, 2022

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