Mimoza Ahmeti (Albania)

Mimoza Ahmeti (Albania)
Mimoza Ahmeti is born in Kruja, 1963.
She is the most prominent contemporary Albanian metaphysical poet. She works as lecturer of psycho social science in University and from 2017 conducts her project Transculture in RTSH, Albanian TV.
She graduated excellent in Vienna for psychotherapy in 2014, and in 2017 a post doc in Paris. She speaks French and English. She is known also for her own songs and paintings. Her poems and stories and novels are published in EU, but yet a wide range of best of her work waits for translation and publication out of Albania.
Photo: Irina Hysi MA
When the “I” becomes “He” and thinks about me
When my I becomes He and thinks
about me,
something turns over to depths of gravity,
watching that “I” who was loved by “He”
struggling to fix somewhat with frenzy.
“He” feels shoced-locked-
no shift for continue…
He`s an “I” of freedom
but not yet insane!
He has made his mind up, to live quite alone
But he wants to be
although he is a “He”
and he feels her I
to eternity.
When his I becomes my I
it comes from the sky!
Chose the earth is trop petite
for our array.
Are we late? In this delay
is something happening away?
Are we early? Or in time?
What does it mean to be in time?
And if we are.. as are “we”..
Does this mean exactly to be?
What if one has no idea of time?
Does this mean that he is insane?
Or does it mean- he is complete?
why the delay of earth´s round trip
makes season?
And the delay of acting makes reason!
So many worlds in such way
There is yet day on night´s delay…
There is, there are, there were, will be..
Who is making love
in the delay of me?!
The valse of a leaf
People are a set of signs
They may attract you or leave you inert.
To me the signs did not mean too much.
That was the reason I took the risk to signify…
Poor I,
I could have lived,
better than die
By the way signs and my way are far different and far further…
Meaning vibrates under the words that the force of life unified in ego,
shaking, increasing, decreasing… Oh ! Ceasing the soul…
Ego and I are yet far away from my way.
The sign I make is real or fake for the one who will take…
The grid of logic makes one’s peace for others’ panic…
Far far away I am a sign
equal with me
being free
Freeing myself from me
I’m feeling free
Freeing my mind from my mind
breathing perceptibly.
(Under the terror of skies like men’s eyes for power!
Why does a leaf go quiet and easy in the hand of a wind?
There are millions of year in the bits of its valse.. wish your mind loses to the same trans…
Love of the music of silence…
With no terror of essence,
and i am full of presence,
in the Universe’s valence

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