Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
Lament Of Language
Standing alone at the edge of afternoon
with a gust of wind,
What I think is misspelled by blind dust.
Birds of prey sleep next to the corpse,
Upstream songs blow with tears..
Your restless eyes go up to the wailing
of the dry ponds,
Towards the music of some old statues.
The sorrows of the world have become
stories swimming along the lonely beach,
There Intensive bar fires wise time,
Our lazy clouds cannot shoot the new.
Lament of language hints the sage of morn
That still sings the world to the best in grief…
I Am Not The Judge Of Bad Wind
I am not the judge of bad wind
Blowing from the utmost north,
The warmongers eat bananas
Nursing the naughty witches_
Bloods dispersed on the earth
And the humanity cries ,
The devils looting the soul of earth
The wind howling with the laughter
Of poisons and
Mars the shining twigs of hearts_
How much is the night’s sleep ?
The mystery masked the dawn
I am not the judge of bad wind
But the moon brings stealthily
The plants of light that would glow
Tomorrows with its delicate hands…
@Kamrul Islam

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