Poems by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poems by Laksmisree Banerjee
I often ponder about a world
without intrusive time
indefinable as the spiralling incense
its pervasive scent in absence
over, above and much
beyond the horizon
the thrill in the interstices
trickling silently between
sundown and sunrise
the ether in heart beats
of an unknown ocean
heaving deep in wisdom
the unborn galaxies in
the core of dynamic stasis
fervent in the cosmic void
that unreachable fragrance
of our yesteryears of love
embraces etched in air
in the solemn daunting
between life and death
of vibrant spirituality
in the perpetuity merging
with the hidden cravings
of interwoven rainbow colours
the in-betweenness of luminous
dream and awakening
in buried euphoric crevices
the divine flash of lightning
its uncaptured multihued creativity
of unreachable submergence
in prehistoric agony of droplets
seeped underground with
the magic of mute poetry
that ageless roving hope
as the unborn child seeks to snuggle
sublime in the warm womb–
SEDOKA ( TSL..NAPOWRIMO # 9)…(5-7-7)
In the lounge of love
you became my endless sky
why sudden your stormy void?
I clasped you in faith
but we parted ways in pain
in blizzards of destiny—

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