Sudhakar Gaidhani (India)
We live in an interesting time when thousands of Internet users themselves send interesting works about our time to each other. Previously, we waited for the publication of a book, the publisher demanded reviews from well-known authors, and then various public and state committees chose who to present for the award. It takes a lot of time and the relevance of the work is quickly lost. The work SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI’S Mahavakya: DEVDOOT THE ANGEL has become popular in different countries and is being translated into different languages ​​by ordinary Internet users. People have become literate enough to have an opinion about this work themselves, and not wait for the opinion of other people. For example, the work was translated into Kazakh without any recommendations from high officials. Translated without coercion due to interest in the topic. And the topic is very relevant. History develops in a spiral and the epic from India reappeared. And in a rare language. This is a continuation of the epics that have become understandable and accepted by millions of people around the planet. Bhagavad Gita is a commentary on the Mahabharata. In the Ramayana there is meditation, in Shitras there is peace within the heart, in Meghdoot there is a manifestation of love. DEVDOOT THE ANGEL is an explanatory epic to our reality, without any restrictions. More than two thousand years ago, people killed Jesus of Nazareth, not recognizing him as the son of God. Now, this death has been canonized and thousands of critics of the very foundations of faith have appeared, which has led to a sharp decrease in the number of Christians in the world. In the epic DEVDOOT THE ANGEL, an ordinary person kills an angel by accident, not by the decision of the high chief. And the wounded angel begins to lay out the basics of understanding the world for ordinary birds. Reading people do not need to know the subtleties of the terms of Indian mythology. They see the connection of past events with current ones. Moreover, the connection is tragic, leading to the end of civilization. Can the entire planet be saved? Do we need another new God to reduce pollution? No, it is not necessary, the current values, Christ, the Virgin Mary, compassion, and generosity of the heart are quite enough. Otherwise, there will be another Marxism, Nazism, and wars. What we have now in Europe. The DEVDOOT THE ANGEL epic is in the US Library of Congress, but President Biden has not read this work, he has other concerns about the price of gasoline. Russian President Putin also did not read, as did not read President Zelensky. Ordinary people read the work and see the way how to live in peace and harmony. On behalf of all ordinary readers, I consider it necessary to nominate the epic DEVDOOT THE ANGEL for the NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE in order to draw the attention of the whole world and leaders of countries to the problem that is destroying us. Artificial intelligence and electric cars will not fix the situation. We need to correct people’s hearts.
Vladimir Dolgov
Born in 1951 in the USSR. His father was in the military and his mother was a teacher. He graduated from college and graduate school with a degree in Polymer Technology. In 1991, for political reasons, he moved to the United States. He started writing short stories in the 8th grade of high school and has been writing ever since. He does the translations from English and Spanish. He is interested in ancient history, reads a lot about Buddhism and Hinduism, and loves ancient Chinese and Japanese authors. Sometimes he makes drawings for his works. He studied music, loves jazz, and sometimes plays improvisations. He is now retired and lives in the US Midwest.
He has translated all the cantos of Devdoot the angel from English into Russian.

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