Elvira Kujović (Serbia – Germany)

Elvira Kujović (Serbia – Germany)
Elvira Kujović is a bilingual poet ,editor, translator and painter. She was born in Serbia and she is living in Germany since 1992. She has published eight collections of poems and one novel. Her books have been translated into 9 languages. Her poems have been translated into 16 languages and published in various major world anthologies. She received three international awards, one in Italy and two Turkey. Her poems will be published monthly in numerous literary magazines in different countries. She mostly writes socially critical poems.
Green, yellow and red snow
Green, yellow and red snow
falls in October.
Autumn has promised to be
our most beautiful hope
but the human conscience sleeps
it will not awake.
Mothers pluck black flowers
In the distance someone sings
a sad ballad.
I want to remember a nice autumn
I’m afraid the next days
will not be so blissful
and we
will not be
caressed by destiny
and from the trees
will fall
no red and yellow leaves
but letters of hatred
and we will be worried.
Lies will fly
like a spear
through the air
In the grave
the deaf man
will be happier
Tears will fall like sneers
birds will no longer chirp
no one, no one at all, will envy
what we did to ourselves
we people.

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