Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
That Daffodil Is Seeking Your Attention
Bright yellow Narcissus splashed
by the sun’s sacred brush
waking up my mind
When a flower is walking on the surface of water
is that a miracle? Perhaps. yes but perhaps not
Possibly you drifted in your own thoughts
The flower seeking attention standing alone
All birds flew away to bathe their wings
in the warmth of sun’ skin
preoccupied with their own life
The flower is pressing its lips against
the mirror pane. Steaming it with a breath
of a twin soul, superimposed
What can be more beautiful than
almond blooming tree?
Us together in its scent
standing silently
Am I that daffodil seeking
your attention?
Pressing my lips on the window glass
imagining our kiss a thousand times.
Sacred fire by the water
flaming with memories skies
about a hero of all times
You are that hero
Form the greatest books,
dwelling in my mind.
Memory flashes
with that sacred fire
that purified me
once upon a time
by fate
That sensuous bulge
that you are
trying to hide
is still visible
to my eyes.
My skin burning with the shades of your poesy
Love is nesting in a cloud
on the travelling horizon
of the golden sky
We are roots of a tree
tangled in a verse of free
Looking for seeds
scattered in galaxies vast
in the soil of poesy
rich in nutrient ash
sprinkled with the stardust
ready to sprout
side by side
but reluctant to leave
the cushions of black silk,
slowly taking time
We are tangled in the enigma
of the birth of the sun
and the birth of the moon
from the womb of love
scented with Frankincense
of eternal Light
Knotted are, our roots
with the inspiration muse
of emerald leaves
singing with voices of birds
And the stars in your eyes
burning my skin
with the shades
of your poesy
©® Margaret Kowalewska

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