Gina Carrillo (USA)

Gina Carrillo (USA)
Gina Carrillo started writing at around 14 years old, last year she published her first Collection entitled Kaleidoscope which is on Amazon Worldwide!
She is working on her 2nd Collection right now! Her writings are about getting through Death, beating cancer and surviving domestic violence!
Love Song
This is not just another love song
this is my heart aching
to feel the way it once did
experiencing an unconditional embrace
music notes playing when I see your face
Reminiscing of past adventures
we had together
dancing through
all the stormy weather
oh to be in love again
to have someone to lean on
a best friend
I can’t deny what I want
I won’t lie
Could I love just once more
before I die
Would that be too much to ask
would this be left an unfinished task
memories linger
feeling them on my lips
trying to grasp them
with my fingertips
this is not just another love song
it will play in my heart
all night long

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