Gaya Esau (Cameroon)

Gaya Esau (Cameroon)
Gaya Esau was born on September 11, 1998 in Goyonré, Cameroon, Far North Region. Gaya Esau is writer, poet and translator. He translated more than 06 books into French yet. His own books are totally fourth which are published around the world in both languages (French and English). He began writing in December 2018 resulting in his first novel “Propensions Comprimées” published by Le Lys Bleu Editions in France, April 2020. He is also the author of a collection of short stories published by Ukiyoto Editions. He is the winner of the international prize of “First Knight of the First Order of Poetry of Noble Skills” about translation of poetry. He won two other prizes for his excellences in poetic translation.
My Death
The death of my death
Where you will only see the body
Soul escaped like acid
Where some use suicide
When I leave,
You won’t see me anymore
Nor meet me
Verbs about me will only be in the past tense.
I will leave you your dark world
Where injustice reigns
Where rare souls are despised
Where chaos is a trusted neighbor
I will leave you your dark world
Where humanity is equal to an animal
Where success is in doubt
Where Men refuse the truth
I will leave you your dark world
Where men are lipidic
Where women are eternal seductresses
Where intellectuals are banished
I will leave you your dark world
Where Men live the lies
Where Men Embrace Racism
Where Men Embrace Discrimination
I will leave you your dark world
Where human value is in vain
Where the value of man is a punishment
Where wars are eternal
I will leave you your dark world
Where scavengers bite with filed teeth
Where false friends accompany me with poisonous teeth
Where truths are indelible…
When I’m going to let the world
Where I’d be called “dead” everywhere
I won’t regret being gone forever.

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