Divya Onkari ‘Garima’ (India)

Divya Onkari ‘Garima’  (India)
Divya Onkari ‘Garima’, hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India is a writer who writes in English, Hindi and Urdu (Devanagari script) languages. She is also awarded at many youth and literature festivals for her writing and speaking skills. Her writings are usually based on spirituality, love, nature, pain and emotional themes.
Fragrance of flourished flowers,
Shine of sun,
Aroma of wet sand,
Rainbow of the sky,
Oh the monsoon arrived!
A season of beauty,
A season of happiness,
Wells are full, rivers are happy,
Birds are chirping,
Creatures in glee,
Oh this season after summer,
Quenching the earth’s thirst!
And the atmosphere turned green,
Surrounded by beautiful scene,
Drizzling outside the window,
Hot cup of tea,
Oh yes! I got the reason,
of scribbling new poetry!
Season of love,
Season of beloved,
Season of happiness!
Beautiful season of earth!

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