Do not despair / Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic

Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic
Do not despair
Do not despair
over what has been
And what will be
There is a crack in everything, says Cohen
That’s how the light gets in, and so do I
No, I cannot run anymore
With fast crowds
Stairs are hard for me
But I am here for you
I am here, don’t worry
Not as a runner
But as a spirit
In the narrow crack
In the light In the height
Come with me to the river bank
It is a place of meetings
‘Cause there are no friends left
Those kids with guitars
That started a revolution, the true one,
In the last century
Without pretense
Without medals
It was the spirit of times
We found in the grayness
The color of fire
We pulled down the Iron curtain
The first ones in the Balkans
In the sound and fury
We lit the spark of resistance
We set us free from old bondages
Come with me to the sea foam
Look how I walk on the waters
While you are in the deep
Diving deeper
And then as if on the oil
You slide, you fly upwards
Grasping for air
And I am that air
I do not run
I float
Above you
For you, my love
Only for you I am here
Not as a runner
Not as a dreamer
Not as a swimmer
Not as a sailor on the open sea
I am hidden
In the crevice
In the beam of light
I am here hovering
High above

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