Poems by Linda B. Scanlan

Poems by Linda B. Scanlan
The In Between Of The In Between
from nothing but burnt aspects of wishes
love was coaxed to grow
born of ash and whispers
wishes said aloud to no one in particular
you were a phantasm I could not grab
invented by an imagination gone slightly mad
desire makes the heart a foolish thing
as my dear you know
autumn days are empty
the final hope dashed
light in short supply
moments drag on and on from seconds strung together
lost in a kind of limbic state
hanging on to every strange moment
you came and went
were never really there
only caught briefly in a spider’s web
in the in between……
The Excruciating Piercing Silence of the Yawn
And just like that she was gone
Was that a yawn
Or should I say she’s not here
Where he once was
Not today
Not yesterday
Tomorrow would be the same
She left with her dignity intact
taking the via negativa
she simply decided to not show up
Is a blank space empty
Or is it filled to the brim with nothing
She thinks how it might have been
It was worn fabric raggedy and hard
It ripped
It was unsupple
She’s gone
Tired of the silence of waiting
Finally acknowledged theirs were incompatible sensibilities
No big speeches about this or that
Not a word spoken
None written
As though she became mute and illiterate
She missed him
She yawned ……………..


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