Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
under the moonlight
your lips on mine
unselfish passion
I touch you
early morning
I touch you
in the silence
I am so happy
late night
I touch you
between heartbeats
I am so blessed
I am alone
Here I am
I am alone
I am afraid
No more light
no more happiness
Here I am in the darkness
without you
but nothing is never perfect
you left me..
lonely days
long nights
without you
every day is a struggle
I miss you
Love me
Hug me
kiss me
I gave you everything
my heart
my soul
my lips..
you left me
How could you be so cruel?
The night
you left me
the sky is grey
I am alone
my heart is broken
where is happiness?
The night is big bloody hand
the pain
you left me
the pain so strong:
tears in my eyes
How can I be happy?
no internet
page not found
no connection
no love
no joy
no smile
I am sad
I am disappointment…
This is life..
How can I be happy?
just in my dream
just in my dream
I am in love..
I am bitter.
I am unkind
I am not well
My heart is broken
My soul is crushed
just in my dream
I am in love..
I cry because my life is torn
hear my heart crack.
I want to hear your soul.
when you are near
the pen slips out of my hand
is that love ?

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