Wars of forests / Poem by Małgorzata Borzeszkowska

Poem by Małgorzata Borzeszkowska
Wars of forests
the media make the first announcements
– the forest is getting ready to defend itself –
the forest is digging ditches, building blackberry fences,
it is tangling the paths,
trees commit a suicide – tall beeches are falling with their crowns down,
blocking the roads
news on TV news: the forest is preparing itself for a war,
poisonous herbs and decoctions are bubbling in the forest pools,
the air is becoming toxic
for now there is a dead silence in the forest,
although no one has closed the sky
the birds are silent, the clouds are turning red
from the east, maybe it’s just an eruption
of a power plant
there is a concern- experts say
– that in a moment our forest will only be
a forest lost,
a burnt offering

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