A sparrow / Poem by Hamdia Fouad

Poem by Hamdia Fouad
A sparrow
A flying sparrow
Was hit by an arrow
It came near
Its heart It felt fear
It was hard to see
How free
Was the sparrow
And happy
Joy has gone
Nothing can be done
It will not fly again
With a broken wing in vain
Heart stopped beating
What a horrible feeling
Of worry
I felt sorry
What happened
It reopened
An old memory
I thought I could bury
But I could not
I meant
The more hearts burn
The more our turn
To strengthen our wil
l Can not do well
I tried more and more
To overcome
And become stroner
Yet, the sparrow view
Made me renew
Unforgettable memory
Of melancholy and worry
To summarize
I realize
Such wounds are serious
Can not be hidden
They are obvious
Moaned in heart
What an innocent part!
©️ Hamdia Fouad

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