DIMENSIONAL DISORDER / Poem by Vanja Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Vanja Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Vanja Bašić was Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 11/19/1987 He attended school as a pharmaceutical technician. After graduating from school, he got a job in a pharmaceutical company where he still works today. As he matured, more and more free time dedicated to writing and inspiration came. That flow of inspiring haste has become an unbreakable circle of everyday life. Many poems have found their way into poetry collections and accolades around the world.
The space of the versions is unlimited.
Why indulge in the limited, wander, and surrender to nothingness when the vastness of versions resides in every act.
A room is full of mirrors.
What are you doing at that moment?
Can you turn around and see each reflection of yours?
Dimensional disorder.
Can you notice more than one movement without the same reflection appearing on each of the mirrors?
From one to the other,
I turned and watched for a long time.
I noticed whatever I was doing,
there is always a vastness of versions.
Maybe my way is not the best but it is the only one within my observation of reality.
With versions in dimensions,
everyone can point to a different path with their judgment.
Maybe my way is not the best within the other eye, the depth of consciousness.
That’s how everything can be reduced from dimensional disorder.
There is no order.
The levels are different and under different circumstances.
The universe brings what it needs to all.
Yet some do not see clearly,
the word ‘late’ strikes their ears.
Don’t look at me.
Never give up on forces
pulling you out of your path.
Completely different is my faith.
It’s not your focus.
I have a different view, of sweetness, and bitterness.
In his act of dimensional disorder no one keeps their order, everyone surrenders to worthless wandering.
Time from one to the next.
They take up space,
they don’t see their track.
Don’t go abroad trajectory.
You indulge in worthless wandering,
trying to discover
what went wrong in the head.
An ugly thought came to mind.
You are looking for some order
in your understanding.
In mine,
all I see is dimensional disorder.
Vanja Bašić

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