Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
I will take only your love
When my time will come
on the journey to Light
to leave this earthly realm,
no earthly posessons
I will take with me
except your love,
my eternal bliss
It wasn’t your lips
that I was searching
on my skin
but your sensuality
enveloped in the silk sheets.
It wasn’t your touch
that I longed for
but a beat of your heart
only for me.
There is a healing that comes from silence
Before silence spilled,
a hundred winds
with translucent wings,
were whistling with trees
The calm rolls
on the fields that bring
solemn feelings at a glimpse
found in the nest of the mist
There is a healing
that comes from silence
soothing my soul
calming bruised heart,
like mother’s gentle touch
Mountains flowing
with clouds resemble us
when we were dancing
as if two swans
in the lake of our arms
breathless and charmed
And the mist of your breath
touches my face
Not afraid to merge
The memory of your gaze
deeply streams through my soul
trembling with a flame
of eternal glow
I feel you in the silence
Mild storms striking heart
Moist pearls glossing eyes
I miss you more
than anything that I know
And the silence fills my core
with music silky soft

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