Spring, a designer / Poem by Sushant Thapa

Sushant Thapa (Nepal)
Sushant Thapa is a Nepalese poet from Biratnagar, Nepal who holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has published three books of poetry namely: The Poetic Burden and Other Poems (Authorspress, New Delhi, 2020), Abstraction and Other Poems (Impspired, UK, 2021) and Minutes of Merit (Haoajan, Kolkata, 2021). Sushant has been published in places like The Gorkha Times, The Kathmandu Post, The Poet Magazine, The Piker Press, Trouvaille Review, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Impspired, Harbinger Asylum, New York Parrot, Pratik Magazine, The Beatnik Cowboy, The Dope Fiend Daily, Atunis Poetry, EKL Review, The Quiver Review, Dissident Voice, As It Ought To Be Magazine and International Times among many. He has also been anthologized in national and International anthologies. His poem is also included in Paragon English book for Grade 6 students in Nepal. He teaches Business English to students of BBA at Nepal Business College, Biratnagar.
Spring, a designer
Spring is a skillful designer
It is a foundation of outburst for all the
Infused desires of the nature.
Spring is the masonry of art
It is the beginning verse of a supreme ink;
The tool of worship lies in welcoming the magnitude
Of mixed emotions.
Spring is the casted net and it is also the caught bounty.
Spring is a task-doers accomplish.
Spring is the pathway where different blooms learn their lessons.
In spring nature harbors like a true colorful canvas;
The welcoming and bearing of all
Is the one advent of time.
Divided not is the face of the planet—
It is like the book of survival in the garden of existence
Welcomed by spring.
Spring is an opening heart
It is a recollection of charming days,
It is a dancing joy of a green under the blue heaven.
Every slumber wakes up
Spring is also a song of the arrival.
The mute can gather the will and also the voices
Shall not go unheard.
Every flower blooms and nature smiles
With the temperate air.
Spring is a promise which knows the timely value
Of a bearer’s torch and keeps returning to ignite it forever.

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