Alchemy Of Shade and Light (A Shakespearean Sonnet) / Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali

Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali
Alchemy Of Shade and Light
A Shakespearean Sonnet
Beyond the sphere of earth she sits alone
She stands for the alchemy of love
She hath that glorious face like early dawn
Shade and Light descending from above.
She is magic, a sorceress, or nun
Sometimes too hot the eye of Eden shines
Her delight like a sharp breeze or a warm sun
To her spell prose turns into eternal lines.
A maiden face with nature painted
An eye brighter than the softest art
A perfume of balmy flower scented
like the beams of the moon drawing her heart.
A shade of alchemy and Light she stands
Moon itself she holds in her golden hands .

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