COINCIDENCE OR…? / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
I scattered the breezes of my affection between madness and stubbornness
I favoured something you showed me for the first time
I painted fields and orchards of love as I had never done before
Every perplexed thing inside me sang the songs of hope and happiness
I turned a blind eye and imagined a person I have always dreamed of
I threw myself at you looking for a shoot without a shooter
My heart was soaring all around and dreaming of fresh meadows
My whispers were drawing verses of magic and infatuation
All remained so until my boat crashed on the rubble of a painful song
The heart was wounded and bitterly disappointed by my foolishness
How did I wake up from my dream when I was not yet sixteen years old?
How can I grow up again and dream of a ship, a sail and an anchor?
The pain of talking cut the strings of the heart silently
While I was staring at your face listening to your warm whispers
Was that just a coincidence, or the fabrication of a day in which nobody will be blamed?
Nobody knows, just God the Almighty knows.
Mahmoud Said Kawash, Denmark

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