Irina Shulgina (Russia)

Irina Shulgina (Russia)
Composer, poet, singer, vocal teacher. Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Honorary figure of literature and Art of the International Academy of LIK. Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Author of more than 300 songs in various genres, anthems. The author’s music collection in the folk style “A drop of dew” (2016) and a collection of romances “I embroider days” (2017) were created. MGP – a personal book of poems “The Soul sings …” (2012) was released (Germany). Spanish – the poetic collection “Voice from the Sky” was released (2020). On the basis of the author’s musical and poetic material, the musical “Night Cafe” (2013) and the folk musical Siberian tale “Faith, Hope, Love” (Sisters) (2018) were created.
Down to earth…
What are we doing wrong
When fear, when darkness?
Where do we confuse traces
On land, near water?
What do you say in our chest?
I don’t understand? Help!
Why is everyone against us
And now this time?
We are changing riverbeds
Not for a year, not for a century.
We pull the soul from within –
From the earth, from the earth.
Heart, heart in half
Someone here, someone there.
The world is upside down
It’s all wrong, it’s all wrong!
Pr .: To the ground, you hear, to the ground
Bow down to the gray plain.
Ask me to forgive you
Mother is the earth, then your Shrine!
Can just stop
Break everything, change everything.
Knowing exactly the essence of life
We have the power to return everything.
Just reach out your hand
To those who are weak, who are in the shadows.
Everything is possible to change
Release the birds into the sky!
And that’s all love
She only gets prettier over the years,
She is gentle, innocent and sweet.
No one will dare to offend her
She is pure as an angel and bright.
Will outshine the whole world with its beauty,
She will ascend to the throne with a degree and modesty.
Everyone considers her almost holy
Her soul is so tender, bright.
Vicious and unrestrained happens,
Unbearable, windy, proud.
It changes its colors unrestrainedly
It will destroy the world and save it.
And yet we can’t live without it,
We will not be able to believe, feel, breathe.
She is dearer to us than anything in the world,
One is a stepmother, the other is a devoted mother.
You take the mood with you,
Yes, such that the soul sang!
Look around, no doubt
It’s good to live, and life is good!
Let the winds of separation, let the unfaithful friend,
But doubts away, I want to help!
Even if everything goes awry,
Everything will pass, know that it’s nothing!
Say hello to those who frown
And thickens all the colors around,
Who frowns from bright days forever,
Who suddenly has a broken heel.
You don’t even know, life gives a lesson,
And doubts away, I want to help!
Even if everything goes awry,
Everything will pass, know that it’s nothing!

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