Knot Forever / Poem by Juhi Gupte

Poem by Juhi Gupte
Knot Forever
Cosmos darts a day
to bound the ‘timeless’,
the dark skinned “Kali”
against the norms,
has asked the hand of
the “enlightened” one
The August nods in yes
to marry the ‘prowess’
the “Ekam” is queried of his lineage
agrees to abide by the
auspicious “muhurat”
the Ageless Ascetic,
vows for few “lifetimes”
& her cover pic is updated,
In backdrop is icy-cold Kailasa
unceremoniously welcoming
the deodars tall,serpents crawl.
unlike friends’ lives
prosperous at the ocean-beds
both sagaciously sail through
the sting of being childless
raising foster boys
enduring love..
as the wedlock of
two mountain dwellers blossoms
with each mahashivratri
passing by….
© JovialJuhi

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