Beautifully Fragile / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Beautifully Fragile
You are a child of the Universe dancing freely amidst a world in chaos
Cascading thoughts bewilder your mind but you still stand sober and courageous
You are an illuminating star in the galaxy, an immortal in this infinite cosmos
Beautifully fragile with an indomitable spirit, a kindred soul searching for Higher Consciousness.
The heavens wrap you around in His loving arms
As He reminds you how a precious creation you are
Beautifully fragile, a child with energetic wonder
A pink orb envelopes your earthly soul
Waiting for the Perfect Time when you finally discover who you truly are…
The sanctity of your existence bewilders those who cannot comprehend
What your mere presence in the world means to mankind
Beautifully fragile, pure sanctity, how precious your life is
Changing the course of destiny with your inspiring ways and regality!

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