Free Expression / A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

A Poetry Collaboration of Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Free Expression
Every person was born with a right of freedom of expression,
Since the dawn of the new civilization
People with different views
Become victims of discrimination.
No doubt we are free, since we first witness the light of day,
But in my heart, my soul still has many things to say
We must respect each other’s faiths while expressing our diverse ways,
For peace is instilled in the the beauty of our minds.
We need Light Workers who will save the day,
Defending the truth no matter
what comes their way
To stand together in unity,
Expressing one’s self vividly.
Freedom of expression
Must be like a brave nation
Who never supports evil
We should stand for the truth and be firm with our conviction.
We may speak different languages,
Belong to diverse ethnicities
Our perspectives may vary,
But should never support profanity.
I noticed we disrespect
The real covenant of our religion,
We will have to understand
The True teachings behind it
Let’s apply in our lives each day
What we have read and not forget,
Although we belong to different regions.
Freedom of expression must not be abused
Yes it is our right but should not be misused,
Let it be an instrument of harmony
We, us stalwarts of light globally.
Freedom of thoughts
is our birth right,
We should use free expression
For the betterment of humanity
No doubt it will be the cause of our unity.
Express yourself to inspire many,
Words leave a mark in the Universe
Choose to motivate than to spread hate
Free yourself from selfish thoughts.
Truly, I say unto you,
Words can make
The Universe like paradise
Use them honestly and with dignity,
Always be true and authentic.
Shahid Abbas/Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
May 4, 2022

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