Sabyasachi Nazrul (Bangladesh)

Sabyasachi Nazrul (Bangladesh)
Bengali English Poet SABYASACHI NAZRUL is a Bilingual Global Poet , Motivational Author, Presenter. He has 19 joint books and two own books. One is ” Sapna Uran ” another is manuscripts award winning ” Eakti Tarjonir Isara ” and editing a literary magazine ” kirtinashar kirti “. Govt. Employee the author is the president of a govt. primary school, Bangladesh co-ordinators Bangobondhu Faundation USA, Ambassador and member of various international literary organisations. His works have been published in National newspapers and magazines of Bangladesh and also published in various literary journals, Anthologies of more than 50 countries. His works have been translated into 17 languages.
You Are The Paradise
Once upon a time you were called ‘ A No Man’s Land ‘,
At present you an on independent sovereign country.
You have a independent flag,
You have your own words,
You have the National Anthem ;
It’s author and composer is Samaul c. Trinidad.
You have infinite potential,
The sea is equal imagination.
You have a bunch developing fighters
Those who are building you day and night,
Building houses in harmony with your houseless own people’s,
Sheltered in your chest.
Everybody for everyone,
Lives in love and peace for each others.
Water down from the well
Ah! What an enchanted know your water is gurgling.
You have the determination to go the extra mile the indomitable King-Queen
Those who have promised,
Even the last drop of blood on the body
Decorate you and your cities,
Decorate education and built up an educated citizens,
Mind blowing, like a bright light ;
Your fragrance will spread in the world literature and culture.
You are a king like the Empire
As if heavenly abode is in you.
Dust is flying,
You are walking far away by trampling the dusty path
Sleepless nights is exhaustion,
Your developing fighters, your children
Your future will be built.
In the bond of generation from generation to generation,
One mind, One soul, One heart
Your child is bound by love ;
You are the Hero,
You Are the Winner,
Oh dear Mother you are the Paradise,
You are the great.
A treasure of generosity the bir tawil,
state Birland,
heaven you,
You are the Lord’s best gift..

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