Summer wine / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Summer wine
Winepress grapes of Burgundy
Rusty red with chocolate undertones
Decadent blue moistening
Leaving her lips seeking for summer
That summer when sun kissed beaches
Poured over her belly button
In heaps of virginal sand
The taste of wine lingered
Poised on her thirsting tongue
Bouquets and aromas of intoxicating love
Till the first autumn leaf curled up in shame
Ruby Red like the Cabernet Sauvignon
Plum, blackcurrant,dark cherry
Full bodied as an Ajanta Ellora carving
She tossed aside the glass
Like another summer from life
And waited for winter to set in
Freezing the stains on ice
Copyright Lily Swarn 9.4.2022

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