Margarita Vanyova Dimitrova (Bulgaria)  

Margarita Vanyova Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Margarita Vanyova Dimitrova was born in the town of Kula, Vidin region, Bulgaria in a family of teachers. She married in the village of Banite, Smolyan region. At the moment her life is connected with the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Participates in scientific and cultural forums and has publications, including poetry: poetry books “Touch the Milky Way with a smile and hope” and “Light for the Eyes and the Soul”. With poems she participates in poetry collections from the International Festival of Poetry “Spirituality without Borders” and other festivals of the word, organized by the exceptional spiritual person Rozalia Alexandrova.
White light
and enlightenment.
White light
and unity.
Give it to the world
your Spirit
and enlightenment!
Holy miracles
return kindness.
They enlighten with tenderness
destiny to everyone.
God’s blessing
instantly comforts.
With heavenly grace
the wise bestow.
A spark of kindness,
      smile in the day
            path to hearts.
A simple question about the meaning.
If we pour on our hearts with kindness,
if we teach our children well,
if we take away the pain of the other,
if we give of ourselves to the sick,
will it be the beginning of the new,
of Light,
                       and faith?
Will we have the rose of the prince of our dreams,
which reminds us of Exupery
                      and donates our days
hoping here though
                      it is possible to live,
that here, after all, good today and tomorrow will succeed?
and serenity.
and silence.
The silence of the Spirit.
Soul and spirit.
Origin and holiness.
A touch of thought
and the trembling of the heart.
Enveloping with light,
with a gentle embrace on his hands.
and faith
in the morning on a bright day.
Trust – a child’s smile,
saved in your tender two hands.
Give your smile to the world,
give to those who suffer for light.

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