My Mother / Poem by Shreya G. Iyengar

Shreya G. Iyengar
Shreya G. Iyengar is a budding poetess and a bright student of integrated BBA-MBA programme. She is doing her graduation from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India.
My Mother
In the Darkest nights
and in the Brightest sunshines
You held my hand
and stood like a rock, behind
You celebrated my success
and taught me to deal failure
You taught me to be a good friend
But you also taught me ‘whom to be good friend with’
You taught me million things
You made my world interesting
In my smiles and in my tears
There’s always been one person who never left me alone, and that’s you.
You are the most important part of my life.
Oh Mother! Oh Mother!
The last benches were something we called our fun spot,
Anyone up for a game, why not?
Our classroom was our favourite place to be,
We had an attachment even with the big old tree,
The desks which were places where tiffins hid,
In the snacking of the period’s mid,
The teachers who taught us way too more than just books,
And oh, we flaunting our ever so joyful school going look,
Shh and silence generally meant the contradictory,
We were the ones who triumphed even in library.
From every floor to every room,
There are strings attached, and memories bloom.
Once a heavy bag of books,
Now a heavy bag of memories,
Yes the word school has the ability to make anyone cry,
And that’s an amazing wry,
We come crying and leave crying,
Isn’t school a place we call our very first home?

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