Poems by Jaipreet Grover  

Jaipreet Grover
Jaipreet Grover holds a Masters’s degree in Human Resource Management. She has an excellent academic record both at the school and college levels. At present, she is working as a teacher in a renowned school in Pune, India, and was bestowed with the Teachers’ Recognition Award in 2019. Her work has been appreciated and published on various national and international platforms, e-zines, and a school magazine. With no background and learning in literature, she inspires herself from the inkling of nature. She is also one of the co-authors of seven anthologies, two under publication, and one storybook. For her, learning is a continuous process and she keeps adding medley in varied spheres.
Let some secrets be secrets
Etched on the walls of your heart
Share with yourself inside
For its an intimate tranquil
A Talk with Heart!
The Flight
The final flight
Of departure from the tree
Being the longest
The leaves twirl and swirl to play
A gratitude song by rustling
Before merging with
The Mother Earth!

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