Bhawani Shankar Nail (India)

Bhawani Shankar Nail (India)
Poet, Editor & Thinker
He was born on 6th July 1968 in Kalahandi, Odisha, India.
Internationally Acclaimed Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial, born in 1968 in the District of Kalahandi, Odisha State. He is a Poet, Editor, Thinker and Human Right Activist work all over India. He has worked as National Convenor of many organization, Founder of so many Social, Political and Cultural Organization in India and Leader of many people’s movement for strengthening sustainable development and participatory democracy.
Originally he is a Odia Poet, side by side he wrote in Hindi. He Published 3 Anthology in Odia, 2 in Hindi (Unpublished), 2 Anthology in English (Lockdown and an Encounter with Death) which will be published in August 2021 and the same will be also published in the Italian and Spanish languages in the year end.
He is a Prominent Editor of so many magazines. He is the Editor of The Surjya, The Kalahandi Express, The Bande Kalahandi. He is the Chief Editor of Mahuri, the Literary Magazine of the State of Odisha. He is the Chairman of Mahuri Award started since 2008 to felicitate those who have a great role in contemporary literature.
His poem has been translated into many international languages by estemeed poets like in English by Poet Bankim Mund & Gobinda Sahoo, Italy by Poet Imanuela Rizzo, Serbic by Poet Sova Sovka Sovic, Russian by Poet Vellary Basyrov & Elena Danishina, Chinese by Poet Kitty Hsu, French by Poet Elizabeth Guyon Spennato, Polish by Poet Zbigniew Miroslawski, Arabic by Poet Mohamed Helmy Al-Rishah, Albanian and French by Poet Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj, Philiepines by Poet Dr.Jes Besin, Vietnamese by Poet Mai Hao Do, Urdu by Poet Shahid Abbas, Pakistan, Bengali by Poet Mahua Das, India, Kolkata, German by Esteemed Poet Antje Stehn, Germany, Japanese by Esteemed Poet Maki Starfield, Japan.
Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial had joined World Poetry Day Italy 2021 and World Poetry Meet France 2021.
Poet Dr.Bhawani Shankar Nial got International Awards like International Ambassador for Peace by WLFPHR, Bhuttan; Global Peace Ambassador by Iqra Foundation, India; Global Star Award by Global Footprint, Bangladesh; Police Material Art Award by South Korea; Literary Luminaries Award-2021 by School of Art and Poetry, Nizeria; Doctorate Confer by Maxican Morocco Cultural & Humanitarian Alliance – This high level certificate generally confer someone’s effort in spreading a culture of peace, peaceful co-existence, humanity, tolerance and his/her literary work.
もともとはオディア語の詩人であったが、ヒンディー語でも執筆している。オディア語で3冊のアンソロジー、ヒンディー語で2冊(未発表)、英語で2冊のアンソロジー(Lockdown and an Encounter with Death)を出版し、2021年8月に出版、年末にはイタリア語とスペイン語でも同じものを出版した。
また、『The Surjya』『The Kalahandi Express』『The Bande Kalahandi』の編集者、オディシャ州の文芸誌「マフリ」の編集長を務める。2008年から始まった、現代文学に大きな役割を果たした人に贈られるマフーリ賞の会長も務める。
2021年World Poetry Day Italy とWorld Poetry Meet France に参加。
WLFPHR(ブータン)の国際平和大使、Iqra Foundation(インド)の世界平和大使、Global Footprint(バングラデシュ)のグローバルスター賞、韓国の警察資料芸術賞などの国際賞を受賞した。マキシカンモロッコ文化・人道連合による博士号授与 – このハイレベルな証明書は、一般的に、平和、平和共存、人道、寛容の文化およびその文学作品を広めるために誰かが努力したことを証明するものだ。
As You Are Coming
I’m getting ready
With a handful of alphabets
Crafting ego,
As you are coming.
For you’ve affirmed
To reach at a time fixed,
I am getting ready
To reach you
Arranging the lines of palms, blue heaven
And the jungle of words,
Deceit, knavery, treachery,
Self-struggle unattached, love and war
Gone astray
And the silhouette
Of the unattached sympathy.
I’ll come
All alone
And if you ask
Shall I be in the company
Of my life partner
The architect
Of my mansion of happiness,
My son and daughter
Rearranging the draft of security
The nest of Baya, the weaver bird,
Waves of drunken Ocean,
Or moments of stars
Playing hide and seek.
Searching identity with
The floating Kalahandia clouds
The festivity
Of Nuakhai and Pushpuni
Or in ethnic food.
Oh Death!
The savior of my birth
My Salvator for generations
In multiple rebirths,
I’m coming
All alone
Responding to your only call
In the cloud
Of vowels and consonants all
Amidst love and fondness,
War and self-struggle,
To live amidst consolation and deceit
With a handful of truth and falsehood.
The Land beneath Your Feet
The geography of my home
Is just like
The land beneath your feet,
I sit to write poems,
Write the tales of past valley.
The outline of my respiration
Like the print of your feet looks
And each heartbeat
Is but an auspicious consolation
Of earthen reflections
Moments many of regular intervals.
The long uproar of life and death
The tale of happiness and misery
And drenching weapons
During old age
In the ray of the setting sun
All seem to be the warmth
Beneath your feet.
And the coolness of your feet
Like the cool moonbeam
In the Chandrabhaga seem.
I write
The conceited voice
Of the azure waves of the ocean
I write
And the ballad of civilization
Of carpenter bees in the mustard field.
I write the emotion of the school kids
In confusion
Having not done the home-task
Waiting at the school gate.
I write not the age-long disagreement
With one’s adorable deity.
I write the story
Of the movement of the potter’s wheel
Readied in the memorable struggle of life.
I only write
The epic of pangs of the fireflies
In the murky valley.
The folktales of sympathies
Of the defeated wars for centuries.

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