Blossoms in a Field of Thorns / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
Blossoms in a Field of Thorns
you transformed my heart into
a glowy radiant thing
adrift in vacancy
walking towards a no man’s land of vacuity
time and space oppressive onerous forces
you carried me to a present ready for discovery
patiently waiting new beginnings
were you edifed to know destiny was in collusion
a sudden intrusion to your vehemence
vitality is a crazy kind of electric current catalyzing inertia into a tingly state
oh so casually you sauntered into my orbit
remaining distant for a moment
while assessing the landscape
finding it pleasing
you pulled up a chair
readying yourself to sip strong tea
at my table
talking some
then silence
followed by a nod and a conspiratorial smile
you were getting accustomed to my brew
lost in peculiar reverie
catching me unaware
out of the blue
a flash of insight of a possible possibility
a recognition that this time a stable place of negotiation was found
our piece de resistance
love blossoming in fields of thorns

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